Blackout a Tale in the 9th World

Boreg Bash

Festival of Renewal and Secret Backroom meetings what could go wrong?

The team get together to send off the fisherman of Boreg at the The Casting mostly because it's a free party and everyone everywhere is celebrating it.  Myeong on his way to meet their friends notice Nevel guarding a back room for a private party it seems, plus he's not drinking.  Getting some food Myeong entices the guard with food to dish on what's going on.  Nevel opts to remain professional but takes the food since the plate also had the worm cookies he likes.  Trying to walk around and peek in got Myeong a warning from Nevel he was going to get possibly killed by the room inhabitants if he wasn't careful.  Further advise of leaving town for a bit being a good idea was advised and Myeong thanked him and promised to hook up with him later after he was done working.  

Myeong spots two of his friends at the reserved table pulling out his own chair from nothing where Freya spots someone and Bell recognizes it to be Lady Vount letting everyone know.  Myeong quickly dismisses themselves from the table to go invite her over because obviously that what one does with a local dangerous and violent celebrity vanishing the chair as they left.

Lady Vount doesn't take to the banter and reminds Myeong of the times she's needed to talk with Myeong which was and supposedly still is never.  Myeong counters with Lady Vount bothered to remember the name Myeong and she's at least letting her know that.  Grabbing Myeong by the chin she reminds them of the fact she knows everyone's name in Boreg.  Ghost steps in and flirts with Lady Vount offering a dance but things don't go as planned and she gives him one last smirking look and a 'nice try this year' pep talk before heading through the crowd of dancers and party goers to the back room private party.

Ghost looks to Myeong wondering aloud where his back up was.  Myeong shrugged since there was no 'Be my wingperson here' wink so he figured he wanted to fly solo.  Motioning to the other two Myeong leads the way and pulls out the odd chair again out of nothing and sits akilter in it.  Dishing on things in town shaking up and advise to leave town has sparked Myeong's interest as to why which he states among his personal friend.  Meeting up with Nevel might shed some light on the juicy detains he explains as the four opt to just enjoy the rest of the party for the night.


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