Blackout a Tale in the 9th World

And that's how we ended up in Space


In the hole behind the Wyr Ups

Myeong tries to find people from his faction.  Freya tries to bring back Dwayne and finds out a bit of what she truly is.  She communicates with the others to find the void and the statue and finds out what she really needs is Bell since she can't pronounce the name of where she needs to go.  Bell scouts out the new ruins in town.  After a bit he deciphers a sigil that means warning or war and he's not sure which one concerns him more.  Freya convinces Bell to help and recharge Dwayne which shocks him.  They make their way onto the black precipice.  After loosing their rope and boat due to Myeong not wanting to be dragged up the waterfall they explore inside and get knocked around inspecting piles of planets that really don't want to be touched.

Bargaining life and saving the day too late

Freya and Myeong make a deal with Father Orb.  The Amber Temple has fallen at the cost of the time that was needed to bargain.  Bell has to find Myeong's body that was abducted while they were bargaining.   An odd ruins was found in the waterfall in town, that was in the wyr ups that was black metallic and kinda sexy.  Ba-adenu Forest is the site instead of decimating Beorg they team has agreed to take father to rebuild himself.

Razor thin lethality and what happens when lightning can't save you

With the party trying to figure out what to do Myeong asks Bell about any creatures that may have followed him than can also move through shadows as he does.  Bell explaining there were and they're very bad got Myeong commenting there was one in the shadows following and pointed.  Ghost immediately picked up on the notification of a threat although it being nonchalant.  Bell had misgivings about waking Freya and attacked it.  Ghost found another of them while Bell managed to get his side vicerated by the creature which was enough to wake Freya.  The skirmish ended with the creatures retreating once injured and Bell revealing knowledge of them.  Freya patched up a nervous Bell since she had no actual know how on what to do.  Finding a cypher Myeong gave it to Freya to figure out who seemed excited she would be able to enter a realm of knowledge again possible with it.  Ghost came back in desperation from scouting to let the others know the Amber temple was about to fall and he had a friend in it he didn't want to see die if they could stop the Red Mist.

Myeong points out they could rush it and get themselves killed in the process or try and do it right.  As a piecemeal Myeong and Bell were going to find a friend of Myeong's who might be able to control the red mist using the orb called father.  Freya went into the datasphere to find the answer she sought on how to control the red mist… she also realized she really liked going to this realm of existance.  With the vauge idea of using the father orb to control the red mist and not really knowing how the party got ready to roll the dice on a gamble and not die hopefully in the process.

Lantern Crabs and Silent Cities
The party makes their way back to Boreg in a roundabout way

The party opt to try and find the red mist and let the Aeon Priests know what has happened at the Hill cave and of the Changed.  Along the way they look for a place to rest and encounter originally what was thought was a few people which turned out to be appendages on a large crustastean that injured Myeong.  The party eventually make it back to Boreg and find no priests at their experimentation viewing camp.

When One Scans Too Much
Freya finds out more from a scan than she expected

Freya has a discussion with the entity, Father, on what it's doing and comes to the horrible conclusion it doesn't care how many people they harm or kill.  When deliberations breakdown Freya wonders why her mouth takes so horrible like cat litter.  Myeong explains he'd been drinking and ate gravel granola.

With Ghost yelling they had the changed coming in and being aggressive to the group.  Myeong pours water and uses his numenera on the sphere of Father to freeze.  Freya yells for something to get out of her head and Dwayne and Johnson guide her away from being consumed.

The changed stop and Freya explain Father is asleep and they're on a mission for him.  They aren't suppose to open or disturb him.  The party get the changed to not do anything like eat people they find.

Blackroot is put in charge.  

Magery a former worker at the seamstress's shop left with her fisher woman girlfriend.


Trees, Hills, and Darkness

The party go closer to the river and Ghost investigates and sees a large group of fish.

Ghost goes to climb up a tree and the group watches him shot up 2/3 of the tree the way up.  Bell and Myeong tie ropes together and throw it up to Ghost.  Freya tries to get a sample and gets shot up the tree and out.  Myeong yells to Bell to go catch Freya as he yells for Ghost to climb down as he pulls him down.  Bell drags Freya out of the river and she mutters of a Tree God who cast her down.  Myeong brings her some rocks for her to calm down and that they're 'safe', they suddenly start skittering about which frazzles her a bit.

They eventually break out of the forest into rocky plains and make it to the gash in a hill.  Ghost forms lights and they search forward seeing an odd trio of large spheres floating was the only thing they noticed until they find a synthmetal barrier and he manages to pop a door open and gets the lights to come on startling Bell.  Ghost realizes a trap goes off and Myeong and Bell take the brunt of the lightening that courses through the hall.

Exploring finds an area in disarray that led to a lounge area for the exceptionally large, or at least tall people with big hands with a control array in a groove in the ground.  Myeong teases Bell offering they could test out the bed which got a visual full body reject of the idea.  The group also finds a device in the previous room with multiple canisters for storing with one missing Bell and Ghost find out while Myeong stays behind Bell to make sure he doesn't fall.  The 'something''s Freya lets the group know.  They're not alive or inanimate though so it's bit hard to explain.  Myeong thinks it's the red mist possibly and the rest of the place might reveal what happened to the tomb raiding party.  Myeong and Bell look for a manual on how to recapture the thing in the cannisters.  Ghost finds two beings and comes back from exploring solo.  Myeong opts to just talk with them and finds out Four Arms (Having four arms) and Spiked Toe (Assumed name was three arms but he had a toe with a spike on it).  Their version of the Truth should be common but the gutteral, and animal sounds throw Myeong off.  Giving them the newly found babble fish device he found he explains how to activate it (by making out with it)

Myeong explains he's been sent by the creator which he thinks is vague enough that he won't be questioned.  Four Arms points out his father created him and his father created everything in the the world so he's unsure how other people can be made by the creator when their father was the only creator.  Myeong nods and puts up a hand like that made sense and moved along. 

Ghost tries to find out how many others there were besides the two and about the cannistered things.  They are supposedly the 'pet' of the Father.  Bell follows along from the shadows just in case things go awry.  Myeong slows the pace at which they walk to give Ghost more time to ask questions.  They discover also that Four Arms has had the 'pet' crawl over him and stated it felt like being under a waterfall.

Meeting the others had Myeong wondering if this was the raiding party since he counted around 11 plus the one that got away from the area.  The children were all different but couldn't speak common like normal.  It was possible the clicks, grunts, and animal noises were a peacemeal so everyone could communicate.

The Father's area unlike the rest was entered with brute for and little care for the door but with reverance.  The four make it in to a prestine area which was in stark contrast to the area the 'Sons' stayed that smelt like a garbage dump that made dung that had gone bad and caught fire.  Four Arms opts to request a boon from his father for bringing the guests to him.  He's given reptilian like skin and knocked out in the process.

Myeong tries to communicate with the Father but Ghost realizes they really need Four Arms to translate.  Spiked Toe wouldn't let Ghost touch him and Ghost settled for Four Arms to be brought in when he comes to.  Coming back he finds Myeong tackling Freya who seems transfixed by something.  Myeong while trying to communicate with the Father who was a shiny silver orb floating in the center space of the chamber sees Freya start to try and scan him.  Myeong reminds her of her actions and the Tree God.  After ten minutes he had turned to see what Freya had found out.  Since her scan kept going and she wasn't moving he was a bit concerned.  Waving a had in front of her and checking her breath he realized she wasn't breathing or blinking.  Tackling her to the ground he barked for Bell to come over while starting compressions.  Tell him to do mouth to mouth Bell reminded him about his face.  Myeong swore and switched with him.  After a while he asked if Bell was jealous.  Getting a weak pulse and slight breathing Myeong opted to see if closing Freya's eyes would stop her scan.  When this didn't work he finally noticed Ghost was back.  Myeong explained she might have delved too deep when she scanned but Myeong knew she was alive now.  All they could do for now was wait.

Maelstrom of Metamorphosis
Storm of Change comes to Boreg

Myeong gets Nevel to talk about the meeting at his house and what he overheard, there's something coming towards town and its not good, he's grabbing his family and going to Qi if Myeong is looking for him.  Talk of people turning into balls of amorphic flesh and wailing from those who weren't instantly changed into something not living haunted the lone survive of the Bandit Queen.  Myeong promises to look after his place in case things turn to looting.

Meanwhile Freya sees people leaving the private room such as the Mayor, Lady Vount and her entourage.  She sees Vount's odd device that winks them out of existence before going home for the night since although odd it's pretty normal for people in the area for traversing long distances.

Bell goes home and notices fishing groups not left for their tour at sea yet.  He gets closer and notices possessions and clothes of female getting loaded.  Which is odd since women only would be on a ship if they owned it or worked the vessel.

Ghost opts after Lady Vount playing hard to get that his best option was to enjoy the festival and to party the rest of the night away at The Casting.  He meets Mavia and dances the night away.  Spending the last hours of the night into the early morning with her is cut short by her noticing boats still loading and more so then normal.  She goes back to her boat and she gets her boss, Captain Bert telling her that they're bugging out and to get all her belongings as if they've not coming back to the city for over a year (more so then the time they'd be at sea fishing).  Ghost gets over to Bell's place with the mention of ruins from where something dangerous is coming towards town.  Profits and glory are to be had and a artifact hunter knows an opportunity when they smell one.

Myeong goes to see Beetle and get a Sit Rep on how the Schism are handling the situation.  Beetle's prepping for the converging anomaly for studying things and wants Myeong to get the the Aeon Priests to stick around to study the analysis.  Hadrian specifically.  This makes Myeong wonder due to the organization's normal MO.  They constantly vie to undermine the Convergence not the Order or Truth… the only thing that comes to mind is if they aren't Anber Priests which isn't a stretch since the Convergence members are a splinter cell of the Order of Truth.  Myeong keeps that in mind and goes to find the others.  Considering he opts to bug Freya first since she's the closest.

Bell goes to find Freya while Ghost went to find his friend Handrian and see what the priests were going to do.  Bell goes to the Thimble to get her and unfortunately breaks Ylonda's window to Freya's room.  Ylonda demands 50 shin for repairs.  Bell is trying to defend himself when the rock used to hit the window knocks him back and over.  Myeong makes the matters worse and instigates a bit and says good evening to Ms Ylonda before the trio head to Ghost's.  Myeong also seeds a plan to throw a party in Freya's room and possibly redecorate while they clean.  Bell doesn't seem to like this plan that much besides just cleaning and repairing the window since it might lead to more violence.

Ghost goes to find Hadrian who's sticking behind to studying this anomaly and is already at his house.  Hadrian is curious if it's the Iron Wind.  Father Brekin was mentioned who was a priest from 300 years ago that was studying it before he was transformed into something that could not administer his duties anymore.

The four friends opts to form an exploration party and take the job in finding out about the ruins where this anomaly was coming from.  Myeong asks if a cut is at least 50 shin or at least enough to repair a window to the standard of Ms Ylonda of the Thimble.  Ghost picks up on what probably happened from Myeong inquiry, his smile, the sigh from Bell and the the reminder from Freya that her room needs to be cleaned.  Myeong asks about the Priests for when they come back if they find something out important or stopping and diverting the anomaly or possible Iron Wind. 

Bell is unsure if the ruins in question are the ones he had been exploring but with a loan of two mounts and a map north towards the possible location the group heads north through the forest and woodlands trying not to die.  Freya tries to figure out the features of the map while Ghost steers the beast of burdern.  Bell is stuck with Myeong who rambles on with ideas for redecorating Freya's room as a surprise.

Boreg Bash
Festival of Renewal and Secret Backroom meetings what could go wrong?

The team get together to send off the fisherman of Boreg at the The Casting mostly because it's a free party and everyone everywhere is celebrating it.  Myeong on his way to meet their friends notice Nevel guarding a back room for a private party it seems, plus he's not drinking.  Getting some food Myeong entices the guard with food to dish on what's going on.  Nevel opts to remain professional but takes the food since the plate also had the worm cookies he likes.  Trying to walk around and peek in got Myeong a warning from Nevel he was going to get possibly killed by the room inhabitants if he wasn't careful.  Further advise of leaving town for a bit being a good idea was advised and Myeong thanked him and promised to hook up with him later after he was done working.  

Myeong spots two of his friends at the reserved table pulling out his own chair from nothing where Freya spots someone and Bell recognizes it to be Lady Vount letting everyone know.  Myeong quickly dismisses themselves from the table to go invite her over because obviously that what one does with a local dangerous and violent celebrity vanishing the chair as they left.

Lady Vount doesn't take to the banter and reminds Myeong of the times she's needed to talk with Myeong which was and supposedly still is never.  Myeong counters with Lady Vount bothered to remember the name Myeong and she's at least letting her know that.  Grabbing Myeong by the chin she reminds them of the fact she knows everyone's name in Boreg.  Ghost steps in and flirts with Lady Vount offering a dance but things don't go as planned and she gives him one last smirking look and a 'nice try this year' pep talk before heading through the crowd of dancers and party goers to the back room private party.

Ghost looks to Myeong wondering aloud where his back up was.  Myeong shrugged since there was no 'Be my wingperson here' wink so he figured he wanted to fly solo.  Motioning to the other two Myeong leads the way and pulls out the odd chair again out of nothing and sits akilter in it.  Dishing on things in town shaking up and advise to leave town has sparked Myeong's interest as to why which he states among his personal friend.  Meeting up with Nevel might shed some light on the juicy detains he explains as the four opt to just enjoy the rest of the party for the night.


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